Inspired Talent is paramount. Without it, organizations struggle and employees remain disengaged, operating on the low end of both performance and fulfillment.

That’s no way for people or companies to exist.

Research reveals only 29% of any given workforce is really engaged. That simply means they like what they do, feel supported, productive and rewarded. The other 71%? Most are just trading hours for dollars with their heart, head and focus somewhere else – which is exactly where they will end up. As a result, companies get less than they need and suffer with poor results in the important measurables: sales, profit, growth, turnover and customer satisfaction.

The best definition of an engaged employee is one who is motivated, committed and fufilled. Motivation comes from within. Commitment is a decision that is made. Fulfillment is the result. And none of these can really happen unless leaders inspire – which is a powerful external influence that drives employee engagement.

So, the answer? Inspired Talent.

Inspired Talent is the relentless pursuit of building up people to their full potential and helping them not just survive, but thrive. Inspired Talent is a commitment to inspire people to grow, to develop and to believe in themselves, their team and the company they work for.

Do you have it?


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